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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Incredible Moroccan Young Man speaks 23 Languages

You'll see in this video a creative young arabian man, Nidal Jadaan, who was able to learn 23 languages​​.

We contacted with the Nidal to find out more information about this achievement, he said, he began to learn these languages, 3 years ago, with the exception of English and French, which began to learn them from a young age.

As for the duration of learning a one language, he says that it differ from one language to another, for example, he learned Polish a full year because it is a difficult language as he talked.

He did not disclose about the way in which he learned these 23 languages and he preferred to keep it to himself, but he says that his desire to learn these languages stemmed from his love of travel and exploration, along with his passion for cultures and civilizations and history of the various countries of the world. So the language is a visa to explore this world.

About the benefit of learning these languages, he says it makes him to feel excellence within the community and help him to find better opportunities in his life.


Anonymous said...

this guy is READING his text
look at his eyes
he deliberately placed the camera at the bottom so you would not notice his eyes looking down all time
sometimes he forgets and rereads a word more than once
funny !

البولندية للعرب said...

I remarked that he reads only when started to speak polish. Reading polish is not that easy, so Nidal for sure knows the basics of polish language.
Here is a video channel that will help him with his further learning of polish:

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