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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ahlam wearing the biggest diamond ring in the world ring in Arab Idol program

It's not a strange thing that the Emirati artist Ahlam have any thing that is precious and expensive. In one of episodes of "Arab Idol", appeared Ahlam wearing the accessories and one more thing we can not look at any thing else is her diamond ring. which is one of the largest diamondoid piece in the world.

Ahlam has been known for her extravagant taste in jewelry and designer gowns ... she stunned the Arab world with her gem-licious crocodile bracelet last year and the $450.000 gown she wore in the finale of the first season of Arab Idol.

During the finale of Arab Idol 2 on Friday night, Ahlam looked fantabulous in a gold and white gown and uber expensive jewelry from Mouawad. Would you believe that the necklace she had on costs a whopping 47 Million dollars!?  Yes! That's not a joke! 47 Million worth of the best type of diamonds in the most expensive cuts and big sizes!

Some may say she should have put her money in a more beneficial place, but for those who don't know, her gowns and jewelry are curtsy of the designers and she returns them after the show is done and over. So, she doesn't pay for any of them, she just gets the chance to prance around in them for a couple of hours.

But really, she looked really good in that gown and that necklace ... I loved the look and thought she looked heavenly. Très chic!