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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Clever Illustration Art Using the Simplest Tools by JAVIER PEREZ

The Ecuadorian painter and art director Javier Perez published a series of funny and modified paintings on his Instagram account.

His ideas depending on mixing of tools and things of everyday life with simple line drawings, changing the grapes to balloons, and nails to a nice urchin spines, and even the balloon turned by his hand to a lighting bulb!

It is amazing how a pair of lines with a pencil can change the entire artwork. Ecuadorian art director Javier Perez has created a clever series of illustrations that turn everyday objects into cute drawings. His artwork makes us look at these everyday things differently with a more imaginative and playful perspective.

The artist Javier has also other serious works of art shows his creativity clearly.

He also prints the simple drawings on clothing and mobile blankets devices, bags and pillows, and sell them on his own website.

He has been posting these fun and quirky illustrations to Instagram.

You can see more in his Instagram account at

You can also visit his own website at this link

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