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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Have you seen the shape of the smallest details of snowflakes

The Russian professional photographer Alexei Kgatov use his microscopic lenses to photograph snowflakes with high accuracy.

It's known that snowflakes are not similar at all, such as fingerprints, and they influenced by composition changes very minor degrees of air and moisture that pass by during a freeze in the fall trip to Earth.

A snowflake is either a single ice crystal or an aggregation of ice crystals which falls through the Earth's atmosphere. They begin as snow crystals which develop when microscopic supercooled cloud droplets freeze. Snowflakes come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Complex shapes emerge as the flake moves through differing temperature and humidity regimes, such that individual snowflakes are nearly unique in structure. Snowflakes encapsulated in rime form balls known as graupel. Snowflakes appear white in color despite being made of clear ice. This is due to diffuse reflection of the whole spectrum of light by the small crystal facets.

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