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Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Collection of Miss Russia 2013 Photos

Anastasia Trusova, aged 24 years from Vladimir State , won the competition "Miss Russia 2013".

She was honored with a crown made​of gilded silver and decorated with precious stones, This crown is a true masterpiece of art dyeing Russian.

Beauty of Russia 2013 Anastasia Trusova. In November, Moscow hosted two major beauty contests. November 9 was the final of the international contest “Miss Universe 2013″, and on November 25 was chosen the winner of the national contest “Beauty of Russia 2013“. 24 -year-old Anastasia Trusova, the winner of prestigious beauty pageant is from the city of Vladimir. She won the right to represent Russia at the international beauty contest “Miss Earth 2014″.

Anastasia graduated from Vladimir State University, and now she is studying to get a second degree at the Moscow Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting. The beautiful girl is engaged in martial arts and loves to cook.

In the finals of the National Festival of beauty and talent participated contestants from 51 different regions of Russia. Contest “Beauty of Russia” was held in Moscow at the theater “Russia”.

Participation in the prestigious competition for Nastia was a complete surprise. According to the rules, there was supposed to participate the winner of the “Vladimir beauty 2013″ Ekaterina Shmargaleva. But the girl got married, preparing to become a mother. This lucky chance helped Anastasia Trusova. As a result, the competition directorate together with modeling agency chose the candidate from Vladimir themselves. Lucky one was Anastasia Trusova – finalist of “Vladimir beauty -2011″.

“For me, this decision was a complete surprise! But I was very happy – admitted Nastya. I took time off from work and started actively preparing for the beauty contest.



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