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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Average Face Of Women Across 40 Countries

I stumbled across this picture, which is being discussed on countless fora with the caption of it being the average face of women across the world (click and click again to enlarge):

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to trace the source, and I have no idea with what kind of methods these “average” faces are arrived at. What is striking is, of course, that it seems that the average woman’s face in any of the named countries is about 20.

A lot of the discussions that I stumbled on when trying to find whence this picture originated dealt with whom of those averages is the hottest. And that brings out the other remarkable thing about this picture and that is that all the faces are beautiful.

click at the picture to see it in 100%

Not sure what to think of it, actually, but since this pic is being discussed on hundreds of fora across the world, I thought I would put it up here and have it discussed in a somewhat more enlightening way.

The pictures of the average female face of various countries were revealed and are receiving much attention.

Face Research, a website operated by Lisa DeBruine and Ben Jones, experimental psychologists at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, received pictures from netizens around the world and produced the average female face for various countries.


Anonymous said...

Whay woman in arab cuntryes

em said...

عالم يهودى يعترف أن أنظف إمرأة على وجه الأرض هى المرأه المسلمه

أعلن عالم الأجنة روبرت غيلهم، اعتناقه الإسلام، وذلك بعدما أذهلته الآيات القرآنية التى تحدثت عن عدة المرأة المطلقة
وهو الذى أفنى عمره فى أبحاث تخص البصمة الزوجية للرجل، وتأكد بعد أبحاث مضنية أن بصمة الرجل تزول بعد ثلاثة أشهر.

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