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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Unbelievable Canadian Girl Cut Her Ears To Look Like Elves

A Canadian girl called Melynda Moon (23 years old) underwent a cosmetic surgery to cut a part of her ears to become like the form of  a "fairy", like a character in the world of  elves in the movie "Lord of the Rings," according to a British newspaper.

Melynda Moon paid to have her ears cut and stitched back together in a pointed shape in a procedure that took just two hours.

Melynda who currently work mannequin is very happy with her new appearance, she said that she was feeling of being different from humans. She has embarked on doing this surgery operation after watching the film series "Lord of the rings".

Melynda Moon paid £250 for 'elven ears'.  Ms Melynda Moon underwent a two-hour operation to have her ears cut and reshaped. The woman who wanted to look like an elf has had an operation on her ears to make them more pointed. Melynda Moon, 23, believes she comes from a different realm and was a fairy in her past life.


According to the newspaper, the young Canadian undergone cosmetic surgery to take her ears curving sharp look as one of the "fairies" in the fictional films.

Melynda said that despite the pain that she felt, but she is satisfied and happy for being able to achieve her dream. Melinda painted a tattoo "the forces of wisdom triple play" which is Special of Japanese game "The Legend of Zelda" on her hand.

She was also the lovers of reading and watching fairy tales in her childhood, she used to appear with different clothes and she conducted a cosmetic surgery for her ears for a long time using the programs  like adobe Photoshop. She said that the Faerie is characterized by simplicity and sincerity and symbolizes love and happiness.

“I have always been very close to nature. Pointed ears are the most adorable thing, and I find the elven attire is so elegant,” Ms Moon, from Ontario in Canada, said.“When I found out I could have my ears pointed I have never been so sure of something in my entire life.”She added: “I will never go back to being human. Now I just lack the glitter and wings to fly.”

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