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Friday, December 20, 2013

The epic christmas split 2013 by Chuck Norris

VFX house Delov Digital from Hungary reminds us that Chuck Norris can do everything more awesome than anyone else.
Remember the Volvo commercial from several weeks ago featuring the (real) Van Damme performing his trademark 'split?' Well, here is the (not real) Chuck Norris version...

Chick Norris sends a special Christmas and New Year greeting while copying and topping Van Damme's famous Volvo leg splits. This time the famous feat is 'performed' between airplanes - with a little help from CGI and Delov Digital.

Now not to be left out, with a little help from a graphic artist and CGI, Chuck Norris can be seen in a spoof of the Volvo Jean Claude Van Damme commercial performing leg splits in the sky between two planes. Balanced on Norris' head is an acrobatic team and when fully stretched out they resemble a Christmas tree covered in fairy lights. This video was sent as a Christmas and New Year greeting from Delov Digital based in Hungary.

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