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Friday, December 27, 2013

Super-Elastic and Flexible Statue Material

Super stretchy material stretches to eight times its size without ripping

The stretchy plastic material pictured is incredibly soft and stretches to about eight times its original size. It is a very durable material that stretches easily and can be injection molded to any shape. It is remarkable how easily you can double its size, and then double it again, and double it again and again without requiring much effort—and without ripping it.

There are two types of thermoplastics used as substitutes for rubber. These synthetic rubbers are what you are probably familiar with as the “gel” material used in a lot of computer mouse pads, seat cushions, and bicycle seats. These “gels” are typically made using materials based on Kraton or Septon, the trade names for two common formulations. Within the basic formulations, the stretchiness, softness, squishiness and strength can be customized for the application you need. What we are featuring here is a formulation that has a remarkable combination of being incredibly elastic and easy to stretch, yet very difficult to rip.

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