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Monday, November 25, 2013

Night Photo shows the vast difference between North and South Korea

Although Korea has a long history of unity and success, their present situation is horrible. Split into two countries following World War II, North Korea inherited a communistic form of government from the USSR, while South Korea became a democracy. While North Korea has lived in both a physical and religious drought, South Korea has found prosperity at home and abroad, as they grow in success, and spread the gospel around the world.
North Korea, officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea , Most services such as healthcare, education, housing and food production are state funded or subsidized. Many hospitals lack basic medicine, equipment, running water, and electricity, rivaling those of the poorest African countries.The means of production are owned by the state through state-run enterprises and collectivized farms. North Korean food output is one of the lowest worldwide; in early 2013, the UN identified North Korean government policies as the primary cause of the shortages and estimated that 16 million people required food aid.
South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea, South Korea is a presidential republic consisting of 17 administrative divisions and is a developed country with a very high standard of living. It is Asia's fourth largest economy and the world's 15th (nominal) or 12th (purchasing power parity) largest economy. The economy is export-driven, with production focusing on electronics, automobiles, ships, machinery, petrochemicals and robotics. South Korea is a member of the United Nations, WTO, and OECD, and a founding member of APEC and the East Asia Summit.


faouzi laouar said...

السلام عليكم
الفرق واضح رغم الظلام

Anonymous said...

الفرق أنه في كوريا الجنوبية تحالفوا مع أمريكا ضد الشمالية وبهذا الجنوبية غير محاصرة بل تستورد وتصدر بكل حرية أما الشمالية محاصرة كما كان العراق وهي شيوعية عدوة لأمريكا أكثر من روسيا بل روسيا أصبحت حليفة لأمريكا واليهود ضد المسلمين.

Anonymous said...

إنه الفرق بين حكم الإستباد والمصالح والشللية والنخب المنتفعة من حاكم جاهل مستبد تلعق حذاؤه من أجل تلقى الفُتات ...وقال أيه :إسمها كوريا الديمقراطية وكذلك الحال عندنا

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