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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The wedding of the youngest newlyweds in Gaza

 Yesterday was the wedding of Ahmad, "15 years", to the child Tala, 14 years old, in a small village in northern Gaza. The groom's home have been destroyed in the recent war on Gaza.

His family decided his marriage to revival the traditional marry of  the palace which ceased to exist in Gaza and returned again because of the difficult conditions experienced by the people of Gaza which invite them to marry off their children to take advantage of the aid provided by institutions for poor families, regardless of the number of its members.

The causes of early marriage for girls:

  1. The deterioration of the political situation and its reflection on all aspects of life.
  2. Habits and traditions.
  3. Intermarriage.


 The legal age for marriage in the Palestinian territories

Civil Status Law provisional No. 61, as amended in 1977, making the age of marriage in the West Bank, 15 Hijri year of the girl; and 16 Hijri year of the boy; but in Gaza, it has been adopted the Law No. 303, which was issued in 1954; which set the minimum age of marriage 17 years for girls and 18 for boys.

Based on the law the judge have been givin the permissions which allowed him to marry off girls that are below this age, if she reach the age of maturity, and approved by her father; unless when she is at lower than 10 years, and the boy under the age of 12 years; the law prevent marriage for girls and boys in these cases at all.


Anonymous said...

simply disgusting and shameful for every Palestinian

Anonymous said...

Israel left them no "childhood" to enjoy.

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