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Friday, September 20, 2013

Italian creative artist draw a three-dimensional paintings

The Italian artist "Marcello Barenghi" uses  three-dimensional portraiture in his paintings, and show them on in his own website sector.

You probably will not believe your eyes, these paintings seem as if they were photographs.  The Italian artist uses to create these paintings colored pens and then improve them with some oil paints, and began to publish his work on his own site with a video that shows how to draw the image.

The activists traded ,on the social networking site Facebook, the plates of the Italian artist and expressed their admiration for his paintings through the re-posting on their personal pages.

About Marcello Barenghi 

He's an illustrator and graphic designer living in Milan (Italy), where he was born in 1969 and where he attended the Art School "Umberto Boccioni", the School of Applied Arts "Arte e Messaggio" (Castello Sforzesco) and graduated in Architecture from the Polytechnic University.

Marcello Barenghi website:

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very very very nice .......... no words can pay graditution

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