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Friday, June 14, 2013

Discovery of Egyptian Atlantis: A Legendary City soaked in The Shores of Alexandria!

It seems that the Pharaohs still had much to amaze us, today we will see a great discovery emerges from the bottom of the sea.

Archeology scientists have discovered a full city sank in the sea between the sixth and seventh centuries AD, the city name is Hrkulaion or Airaklio.

The city was mentioned in the writings of the Greek historian Herodotus in the fifth century BC, it was a timely symbol of richness and beauty.

This is a three-dimensional paintings painted by the researchers using the locations of the remains they found.

What Confirms the writings of Herodotus is the discovery of the remains of 64 sinking ship and 700 berths for ships between the remnants of the city!!, Imagine 700 berths for thousands of years old!! .. Thing that makes the city one of the greatest cities of the ancient world especially what has been discovered gold and silver coins and valuables!



somia aresha سميه عريشه said...

ستظل عظمة مصر فى طبيعة وجينات وثقافة شعبها برغم كل ما يحدث له !!! عظيمة يامصر بشعبك اللى فى القلب منه جيشك يامصر
سميه عريشه

Anonymous said...

ياريت نعرف نستغلها فى زيادة الدخل من السياحة وماتتسرقش من رجال الاعمال المحترمين اللى خدو كلهم براء بشهادة القضاة اللى برضو محترمين

khm2009 said...

مدونه دائمة الابداع بنقل كل جديد ورائع

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