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Friday, June 14, 2013

Amazing Video: The Move Of The Entire Building in Zurich In Just 19 hours!

Imagine that you wake up one a day to see the building in front of your home has moved from its place hundreds of feet?!
This what already happened in Zurich, where an old building -123-year-old- was moved at the request of the public rather than destroy it!

The story began by buying ABB robots a 123-year-old factory, and needs to demolish the factory to be able to exploit the place, but after collecting signatures on a petition not to demolish the factory, the audience was able to force the company to transfer the building to a place other than its land.

The idea has been taken by the Federation President's Swiss with the head rail and ABB to pass on the old building from its place, they have first replace the basement walls, which weighs 6,200 tons by columns of steel, and then a layer of concrete under the building was built with paths for vehicles built specifically In order to move the building!

and in the transportation day the building was moving on six tracks by hydraulic pistons with a speed of 4 meters per hour until it arrived at its new position, which is the location of 200 feet! far from the original location.


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rababhadi said...

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