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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Book That Can't Wait, Read It Or Its Letters Will Disappear!

Reading is the most important things that enrich and illuminate our lives, but unfortunately we bought  them but it waiting us always to read them. It may waits us for days or months or even years, this may be a temporary impact on the books only, but very influential on us, especially on the authors, who will not write another books if the people don't read their printed books, and for this  a publisher in Argentina  decided a to devise a way which encourage readers to read the books and encourages authors to write books ... So 
the question is what is this invention?

A lot of us may have dreamed about this idea, or the way in which they have portfolio with, whether in books or even in your text messages on mobile, and unfortunately, we always want the knowledge and science which come throw books reading. And although we do buy books, but we do not read them completely because we don't have the enough time.

And for this the  Eterna Cadencia, a publishing house in Argentina,  decided to  invent something different that encourages people to read and to encourage writers to write also. Has invent "a book that can not be waiting for you."

They have invent a new and beautiful way which is ink that will disappear completely within two to four months once you open the cover of the book and touch the sun and air. (The idea sounds great, does not it?). By this wonderful and meaningful way. So they printed using this magician ink a new kind of books to encourage people to read.

Interesting video to declare a magical book:


nagy elsonbaty said...

الله فكرة جديدة ولكن ماالغرض من محو الكتاب القارىء الحقيقى يحب ان يحتفظ بالكتاب ويعود اليه كل فترة ليقرأهفيكتشف الجديد خاصة لو كان كتابا جيدا

Murad Zakhary said...

It Won't Work with Arabs,less than 2% are interested in reading...

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