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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Incredible 3D Paintings, In A Hobbyist Notebook

Paintings are the most incredible way to the imagination, specially the 3d paintings like the the images in this post. the most amazing thing is the method that this hobbyist followed . 

He painted his paintings in his notebook but what is the attractive idea is that he used the wall and the floor as his an axis. look at his paintings you will see like an objects not paintings it's really incredible to let this paintings as a part of our real life.

I'll leave you to enjoy your time by looking at these incredible photos and think while you watch how the human is great! 


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Anonymous said...

عمل في منتها الدقه والاتقان هذا هوه فن التظليل, من يشاهد هذه الصور يكاد ان يلامس الحدث او الفكره هذا هوه الاتقان .اتقان يخدع العين والنظر وقدرتهما على تفريق الابعاد والتظليل لدرجه انها تحتار بين الحقيقة والخيال هذا العمل هوه سحر النظر, هوه هذا السحر بعينه كم انت راقيه بختيارك للمواضيع

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