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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Incredible Rain Of Microbes On A Mysterious Moon of Saturn

We are living in a universe that reveals to us day after day that it is stranger than fiction. Recently revealed the Cassini spacecraft images that there will be an amazing (if true) mutation in our view of the universe:

What you are seeing are photos taken by the Cassini spacecraft when it passed near Enceladus (a moon of Saturn), in which you can see streams of water huge-like fountain flowing by Enceladus to the Space!, And when  NASA scientists  analyzed what are these fountains (or fountains) contains, they found that it consists of water vapor and ice particles and organic compounds, the scientists think that they have enough evidence to say it contains microbes as well!

That is raining on the moon  Enceladus  Water, snow and microbes!!

Cassini spacecraft approached to within 74 kilometers of the lunar south pole to capture these images, which were detected more than 90 fountains spouting water vapor and bacteria on the surface of the planet.

(Imaginary paintings, by computer for Moon Enceladus Surface)

Enceladus has a diameter of about 500 km, one of the many moons of Saturnclose to the 60 satellite! , And this image of Enceladus were captured by the year2009.

The moon Pointed out the attention of scientists since the long time because of mysterious cracks that exist on its surface, because of it the scientists have discovered signs of a huge sea of ​​bottom surface of this mysterious moon , and the exciting that the NASA vehicles monitored the salts in the components of the planet's water makes its like seas on the planet!

(Picture of the cracks on the surface of the mysterious moon)

This information is still part of the assumptions based on scientific observation and reading some of the sensors, but the scientists are planning to get samples from the fountains spray to study them and cut off any doubt.

So, Is this little moon may be a reason to change our view of the universe?


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