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Monday, April 23, 2012

Autonomous Car Technology

This technology  is one of the artificial intelligence applications, Self-Driving Car, and also know as An autonomous car  or informally driverless. It's same as the traditional car except it driving alone without the control of human, nice isn't it? ,  it is capable of sensing its environment and navigating on its own. A human may choose a destination, but is not required to perform any mechanical operation of the vehicle.

Many of you may ask, What about crashing or street signs?, O.K., all of these of course are solved by the sensors all over the car  and in the video below you will see an object rotated , putted above the car, this object is also a sensor. you may ask what is the advantages of this car and it's safety for more information you can check this at Wikipedia .

A lot of Companies have worked at this project and I'll present to you the Google – Self-Driving Car Test  by Steve Mahan who is legally blind. This car takes  Steve Mahan  to a Taco Bell in Morgan Hill, CA for a couple tacos. Mahan says the vehicle would change his life taking him places where he wants and needs to go.

So far Nevada is the only state to allow self-driven vehicles. This trip was made possible with the help of the local police department and assistance in the vehicle. If something were to go wrong the vehicle could be stopped immediately by a brake on the passenger side, emergency shut off on the center console, or by laptop. The car travels on it’s own for about a mile and a half flawlessly. source

This is incredible and I’m happy that Google is putting the resources to develop this technology. This type of technology can open up so many doors for people with disabilities and improve their quality of life instantly.


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