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Friday, April 27, 2012

Incredible Photos Of The Petrified Forest

Imagine that you walk in a natural place that have been saved by the time since the days of dinosaurs and you are surrounded by the same trees that were surrounded by hundreds of centuries! 

This place is already in Arizona - United States of America at where the Petrified Forest is. It is one of the most important sites in the world because they contain important and valuable fossils for millions of years ago! 

These petrified trunks in these pictures was green trees surrounding the dinosaurs and unknown creatures in the Triassic since immemorial time , since 225 million years!(There is no error number)

But how do these trees petrified ? And what is the reason of its survival all these years?

These trees are formed and saved all this time under the ash and the volcanic mud. The scientists say that volcanic eruptions have uprooted these trees and filled it up to lie under the volcanic sediment to hardens in a very slowly manner for millions of years over the years, and then passed over this region a time which was covered with salt water as part of the Ocean but it turned into a flowing rivers which led to the erosion of about 2,600 feet of volcanic sediments showing slowly the petrified trunks of trees bearing to us the fragrant  of the distant past.

The volcanic sediment Interacted with trees trunks to form the transparent quartz stone, but the metals deposited from the water that passed through it at one time gave these trees a rosy tinge stones in varying degrees as we see in these photos: 

There is no doubt that there are millions of trunks that are still buried under the blocks of volcanic sediment , and also there are a lot of creatures that are petrified and preserved by the ash and volcanic mud. The Botanists was discovered a round 150 species of species of plants, which confirms that this area was in the past a tropical area fulled of trees and exotic creatures , and also they discovered scrawling animals like the  Botanists animal which we know these days.

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