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Friday, April 27, 2012

Incredible Hip-Hop Talented in Arabs Got Talent Program

The talented Yasser from Iraq lit the Arabs Got Talent theater by his great hip-hop dance, and he hopes through it to reach the finals of the program.

Yasser expressed about his talente by the lead currently outstanding, saying: "I do not want to stand only at the first stage, God willing, came across the final stage."

He adds: "I ​​dance 4 years ago, my family did not accept this at first, but when they saw that talent evolved, becoming support me." Since the beginning of Yasser currently able to draw the attention to his big skill in the dance without errors.

Hip hop is a movement started by young African - Latin American and New York and has since spread around the world. The four main elements that make up the hip-hop are Graffiti (Graffiti), rather G'eing (Djing), Amseing (MCing) and Briiking (Breaking, also known as breakdance and Bibweing). The term hip hop has become for many the equivalent terms in rap and hip-hop, but these terms are not interchangeable and there are differences between them. 

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