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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hamas fire rockets at Israeli cities after Gaza is pounded by airstrikes

Hamas fire rockets at Israeli cities after Gaza is pounded by airstrikes as 40,000 reservists called up and tanks massed for 'planned operation'.

Air raid sirens were sounded across Israel tonight as the country's armed forces stepped up their offensive in the Gaza Strip. A series of explosions hit Jerusalem as apparent rocket attacks were carried out by Hamas which has seen its territory in Gaza pounded by airstrikes throughout the day.

On Tuesday night the group said it had launched rocket attacks against three Israeli cities - Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa - but authorities said there had been no casualties. Israeli officials said a rocket had landed in Hadera,100km (60 miles) from Gaza - further into the country than had previously been reached - and threatened to invade if the attacks didn't stop.
A blast shakes the Gaza Strip after an attack by Israeli forces. Speaking on the strikes, an Israeli cabinet minister said 'It won't end in a day and it won't end in two days'

Earlier in the day, the Israeli military launched what could be a long-term offensive, striking more than 100 sites and mobilising 40,000 troops for a possible ground invasion aimed at stopping a heavy barrage of rocket attacks against Israel. At least 20 Palestinians, including five children, were killed in the air and sea attacks - thought to be the heaviest since a similar Israeli offensive in November 2012 - Palestinian officials said.

The Israeli military said the open-ended operation aims to deliver a blow against the Islamic Hamas group, and end the rocket fire that has reached deeper into Israel. Israeli officials said the government had authorized the army to mobilize an additional 40,000 troops, if needed, for the operation. The army said there were no immediate plans to call up the troops but that they would be activated depending on operational needs. Israel has already mobilized about 1,500 reservists.

Israel said it wants to quell the rocket fire which has intensified in recent weeks amid tensions over the killing of three Israeli teenagers and the apparent revenge killing of a Palestinian teenager.

Nearly 300 rockets and mortars have been fired at Israel in recent weeks, including a barrage of about 80 projectiles yesterday alone, the military said. Israel has responded with dozens of airstrikes. Eight Palestinian militants were killed yesterday.


 Smoke billows from four targets in the town of Rafah, southern Gaza, following air strikes by the Israeli airforce yesterday
 Palestinians inspect the destruction of a building as smoke rises from the ruins in Khan Yunis following an Israeli airstrike in Gaza today

 The Iron Dome air-defence system fires to intercept a rocket over the city of Ashdod in Israel

The Israeli army has begun building up forces on the border with Gaza, including tanks, after the cabinet approved a stronger stance against the Islamists

A rocket is fired from Gaza City towards Israel following a day of strikes in the Hamas-controlled region. The group said it targeted Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa

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who sees the photo (thumbnail) think that the explosion in Israel> In reality is Gaza that suffered explosions and destruction

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