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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lion Bath Time, The Bravest Lion Breeder in The World

All of us knows that cats hate baths…even the big ones like lions! But the man washing this lion got lucky, he is really the bravest lion breeder in the world.

It's hard to realize how this man didn't get his face ripped off.  Not only did he come face to face with a fully-grown lion, he washed the lion with a soapy sponge like it was a car.

The incredible viral footage shows the man, reportedly a Yemeni lion breeder, forcefully scrubbing the animal's head, belly and even genitals - and the lion generally didn't seem to mind.

This man is reportedly a Yemeni lion breeder, the footage shows him bathing the impatient lion with soapy water and drags the lion by the leg, washes his genitals and pushes his head down.

According to a 2013 Guardian report, animal husbandry has become popular and profitable in Yemen, where the price of lion cabs can reach more than $13,000 (50,000 Saudi riyals) each.

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