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Monday, June 9, 2014

Giant Sculptures Made of Plants and Flowers

In Midtown Atlanta, Georgia - USA, there’s a very popular garden called “The Atlanta Botanical Garden”, it’s a 30 acres garden that’s been made year 1976, this garden contains some amazing huge sculptures that’s all made of plants and flowers, these sculptures are made of shapes like animals, birds or people.

The sculptures are all living-sculptures made in a very complicated process, they put a big frame that’s overlaid with a steel mesh that’s covered with soil and moss, and then it gets seeded with the plants and flowers seeds, these seeds get watered by a web of irrigation tubes, so it helps the sculpture to grow perfectly and always keep on being fresh and colored.

The largest sculpture in the “Atlanta Botanical Garden”, is the “Earth Goddess” sculpture which is a 25 feet tall, it’s the basic and permanent sculpture in this garden, as from time to time, these sculptures change or new ones gets added to the garden in the annual exhibition, this exhibition gets held on October.

Check out the upcoming photos of these wonderful sculptures.

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