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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Amazing Dad, Don't Prank Your Angry Dad

To our friends in other/this country. Please keep your shitty judgments to yourselves, this guy has hit me for the first time in his life. Go tell your dad that you have got an underage girl pregnant and enjoy how he congratulates you. I took the beating just for the sake of this video. This is an appropriate response from a good father with some values! Finally, remember one thing..!! don't make any prank with your dad.

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ابو علي said...

لله دره هذا دليل اني ماربيت صح كان ابوه بيموت ويبي يطهر ولده من الذنب العظيم هذا شان المسلم نظيف ﻻ يرضى الخطاء العظيم في حق الله حتى من اقرب الناس
تسلم يدك اخي العزيز ويسلم راسك ياولد على المثال الرائع وتحملك ابوك الرائع اتمنى للك النجاح

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