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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Saudi Actress Reem Abdullah

Reem Abdullah, Saudi is a television actress, born in Riyadh, February 20, 1987. Her full name is Reem Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Otaibi. She has worked with comedian Nasser Al Qasabi and Abdul-Allah Al-Sadhan in 2007 in the famous series Tash Ma Tash and received excellent reviews. In 2012, she was invited by the Saudi director Haifa Al-Mansour to act in the film Wadjda, It is its cinematic movie grossed a great success despite the lack of the original display whereabouts the Saudi Arabia

A fan of Reem Abdullah, who named himself as the "crazy of Reem", offer 500 thousand prizes for those who convinces her to marry him, and also one million Saudi riyals for her as dowry. The Saudi admirer wrote his offer in his comment on the pictures published at the account of Reem in Instgram at which she appeared in the Badawi style, photographed during the series Jordanian Bedouin "Ro'od Mazan". where he descriped those images as they reflect the the beauty of Saudi Arabia star.

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بتستاهل .. من حقها تغلا

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