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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Incredible Drawing Art using Everyday Objects by Victor Nunes

A collection of fantastic photos showing ordinary objects that have been imaginatively transformed (presumably by an artist named Victor Nunes) recently popped up at the Facebook page, “Victor Nunes Faces.”

While there isn’t much information on the artist, the entire set is really something to behold. He enhances his doodles with scissors, nuts, He also takes pretzel sticks and creatively imagines them in various scenes,

 Artist Victor Nunes pairs multiple objects together into wildly animated scenes.

In his ongoing series, Faces, Nunes places anything from pairs of scissors to pumpkin seeds onto a page and then freely sketches around them to produce the unexpected and delightful compositions. He playfully transforms bits of food, old wine corks, and crumpled candy wrappers into an elaborate page filled with incredible line drawings. Without the objects in place, the illustrations would appear incomplete. By placing everything together in imaginative arrangements, Nunes presents his viewers with all kinds of quirky creations.

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