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Monday, December 16, 2013

River Dance, The Most Incredible Dance Ever

Riverdance is an Irish stage production, which consists mainly of traditional Irish stepdancing and Celtic music. Irish step dance is characterized mainly by rapid legmovements while body and arms are usually kept very rigidly. The special feature ofRiverdance, the fact that this quilt synchronous multiple (sometimes over 20) dancersabsolutely. Riverdance, the origin is Irish step dancing demonstrations, such as Lordof the Dance.

Riverdance was first presented in Dublin, Ireland during the Euro Vision Song Contest in 1994 as a 6 ¼-minute break performance. It was produced by the dancerMichael Flatley, the music was by Bill Whelan. The soundtrack, which was firstpublished in Ireland remained for 18 weeks, number one. In this soundtrack can be heard among other things, the Irish group AnĂșna, the RTE Concert Orchestra, DavySpillane and other well-known traditional Irish musicians.
In November 1994 began in Dublin, the ticket sales for the first full-length Riverdanceshow at the Point Theatre on 9 February 1995. In addition to Michael Flatley took thefamous American dancer Jean Butler Irish descent to the female part of thedemonstration. The show ran for five weeks and was completely sold out. Even moreperformances at the Point Theatre (1995 for six weeks) and at the HammersmithApollo in London (four and eight weeks) were sold out.


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