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Monday, November 18, 2013

The Unbelievable Event In Britain's Got Talent

A man and woman joined the Britain's Got Talent ( BGT ) to show their skills and talent, at the first time the get two NO but then all the audience and arbitrators were amazed. and I am amazed also, is this real? is this magic or illusion? I don't know, and the participant show that what he made is real by proving it. 

An illusion is a distortion of the senses, revealing how the brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation. Though illusions distort reality, they are generally shared by most people. Illusions may occur with any of the human senses, but visual illusions (optical illusions), are the most well-known and understood. The emphasis on visual illusions occurs because vision often dominates the other senses.

Magic is a performing art that entertains audiences by staging tricks or creating illusions of seemingly impossible or supernaturalfeats using natural means. These feats are called magic tricks, effects, or illusions.
A professional who performs such illusions is called a magician or an illusionist. Some performers may also be referred to by names reflecting the type of magical effects they present, such as prestidigitators, conjurors, hypnotists, mentalists, or escape artists.

Britain's Got Talent (often shortened to BGT) is a British television talent show competition which started in June 2007 and originated from the Got Talent franchise. The show is a Thames production (formerly Talkback Thames) distributed by FremantleMedia and is produced in association with Syco TV. The show is broadcast on ITV and its sister show Britain's Got More Talent is broadcast on ITV2. Anyone of any age with some sort of talent can audition for the show. Acts compete against each other in order to gain the audience support while trying to win the title of "The winner of Britain's Got Talent". Each year, on the morning of the first show of the new series, Britain's Got Talent has a special programme titled "Most Talented", featuring interviews of the winners from the previous series and their progress since winning.

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