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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mercedes-Benz W196 Formula One Sold at 30 Million Dollar

An old race car "Mercedes Benz" Droven by a legend "Formula" Juan Manuel Fangao have been sold, for 19.6 million pounds ($ 29.6 million) at auction in England, last Friday.

The car "Mercedes-Benz W 196", single-seat, dating back to 1954, was droven by the racer who won the champions 5 times when he clinched the title for the second time in 1954.
Argentine rider led the car to victories in Grand Prix Swiss and German in 1954.

Robert Brooks, chairman of the "Bonhams Asnarz" which managed the deal, described the car as the most important historic race car Grand Prix presented at auction.

The auction house said that the car is, which is in a solid color, in good condition, its parts are believed to be complete and able to work after suitable repair process.

The car sold out to a private buyer over the phone in a classic car auction in "Goodwood" in the south of England.

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