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Friday, June 7, 2013

Europe Is Sinking: 20 Photos Of Historical Floods Sweeping Central Europe!

Despite the great progress that has been reached by the human, a slight increase in the water, which is the secret of life, sufficient to destroy what they have made!

This is what happened in Central Europe when the Danube River rose to its highest level since 500 years, to drown large areas in Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic and Austria.

This collection of photos that show what happened during the past few days, Let's start with images showing the enormity of the problem.

In Germany, the army has been drafted in to help. The last great flood was in 2002 – they are now saying that, along the Elbe, this one will be even worse. The same is happening along the Danube.

On the Austro-Slovak border, hundreds of firefighters work to save what they can after the river burst its banks. Budapest is also bracing itself for record flooding from the swollen Danube.

Rising waters from the Danube and other rivers have inundated parts of Germany, including Grimma in Saxony (above), Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic after days of heavy rainfall. Tens of thousands of people were evacuated as the worst floods in a decade continue to cause chaos throughout central Europe. At least 15 people have died. A raging flood in the Elbe river that earlier inundated parts of Prague (its Vltava river is a tributary of the Elbe) was heading north, threatening Dresden, whose centre was only recently restored after the last flood.



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