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Friday, August 10, 2012

Philippines, Drowning In Floods, Thousands Displaced

Seasonal rains flood the Philippine capital Manila and cause the deaths of at least 60 people and displaced of thousands.
More than 850 thousand of people had to flee their homes due to heavy rains that flooded many areas in the Philippine capital Manila and the surrounding areas.

The authorities deliver relief assistance to thousands of displaced people by the floods, while trying to rescue teams access to thousands of others trapped in flood waters in their homes.

The weather bureau predicted that the continuous rainfall for the last ten days, and resulted in the deaths of more than fifty people, will continue on Wednesday, boosted by tropical storm Haikhue in Philippine Sea to the north-east of Taiwan.

 Flood waters inundated more than half of the capital Manila and forced thousands to flee (Reuters)

Philippines ordered the closure of schools and financial markets and the offices of public and private sectors, including companies with clients mainly in the United States and Europe.

 Disaster officials said that more than half of Manila flooded by flood water has reached the height of three meters, and the situation is exacerbated by high tides and exit of water from the dam areas surrounding the capital. The weather office said the Seasonal rains amounting to three times the average are the most in three years.

The Philippines subjected to about twenty storm and hurricane at each rainy season. And this often causes a large number of hurricane victims, such as the storm that hit the Kedzana Manila in 2009 and caused more than 460 people dead.


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