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Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Honesty The Thing That Everyone Respect

Beautiful announcement for people who are honesty and sincerity, gave them a reward credit card sponsored by NAB in a very impressive way.

The scenario in this video is putting a Glasses near the company door, one of the people finds it and go in the company to give it to the help-desk assistance. At this point they get a photo of them and get their name and put their photo all around the place.  
Watch what happened, and the lengths that we went to, to recognise and reward Australians for seemingly small acts of honesty.
Find out how a NAB honest credit card rewards you at via


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jaber mohammad said...

للامانة هذا ما ينقصنا في العالم العربي

Deedee DE said...

Actually this what we need in this beastly world

Anonymous said...


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