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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Incredible Four Seasons Garden Photos

Garden that we will talk about today is very special, not only for its beauty and consistency, but because they are made and the supervised and cared by only two people!!

The Four Seasons Garden , which is located in a suburb of Walsall West of England, is in fact home garden which located in the backyard of a house from the era thirties owned by Tony and Marie Newton, where they learn the art of coordinating and gardening together as a hobby without any outside help, and over 20 years were able to cultivate a garden of the most beautiful home gardens in the world .

The garden include on 3000 plant of the conifers and azaleas, shrubs and other plants that have been arranged and formatted in an amazing area of ​​46 × 17 meters away!

To estimate the size of their tireless effort that Tony and Mary have, they take care of these plants every day for 20 years! As well as they get rid of the weeds and keep plants from weather especially in winter, where they cover the plants as they can be used all of the bags and mattresses to keep them from cold weather, and and planting new plants each spring.

The couple Newton open their garden in on certain days each year, entry fee only $ 4.6, they collect these fees for charity gardening programs and schemes , the has managed to collect 31.000 dollars over the past years!

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Anonymous said...

one fo ur best posts beautiful pics and lucky ppl :)

Anonymous said...

مشكورة غلى هاالجمال

Anonymous said...

صحيح حدائق جميله جميله بالوانه الزاهيه ولكن شعرت بانها مصطنعه ومختاره بشكل ليس بطبيعي بل بشكل انساني بحت يعني مصطنعه من قبل الانسان وذوقه ليس بصناعه طبيعيه بالطبع جميله وراقيه

kawa said...

Very nice beautfull.. it is the colours of nature .. colours of life

Gamal Farrag said...

شئ رائع ومذهل ويبين قدرة الخالق وإصراراﻹنسان إذا أراد أن يفعل شئ يستطيع بإذن الله

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