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Friday, June 15, 2012

Azzam, The World's Largest Yacht Owned By Saudi Prince

Are at the present the German yachts company Orsin is equipping a giant yacht for a Saudi prince exceed total cost of an estimated 2.9 billion riyals, the Orsin has announced  that the yacht "Azzam" will become the most expensive and largest yacht in the world immediately after the completion of it surpassing the yacht by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich  the owner of Chelsea.


آسر العمر said...


آسر العمر said...

جمي جداً

Yusef said...


mamdouh said...

وماأدراكم ان هذا ملك لامير اوغيره ولو كان هنيئا له وتمنوا الخير لانفسكم وللعالمين فلا تنساقوا هكذا وتحروا الصدق

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