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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Incredible Photos of The Pyramids of Sudan

When we hear the word pyramids come to mind immediately Pyramids of Giza.

Yes, the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt is arguably the famous and the largest and pyramid Cheops is the only miracle of the Seven Wonders that still remain to this day even though it is built for more than 4500 years!

But in this thread will not talk about the Pyramids of Giza .. But we will talk about these pyramids which built in Sudan

These pyramids are known today as (Abajrawih Pyramids) this name is related to the Abajrawih village near the town of Shendi , about two hundred miles to the north-east of the Sudanese capital Khartoum. The scientific name is (the Pyramids of Meroe), one of a great kingdom called Nubian (Kush).

Kingdom of Kush, which dominated the southern part of the Nile Basin to the south of Ancient Egypt originated by a thousand years from birth almost, but they were not the first Kingdom in this region, but is an extension of the civilizations of Nubian oldest oldest civilization originated about three thousand years BC in the city (Karma) that its effects are still remaining near the border between modern Egypt and Sudan amaze the Archaeologists by its Featured planned.

Before 1500 years, the pharaoh Tuthmosis III ordered to build the city of Nabta following the occupation of the territory of Nubia to be a center for the region south of Egypt, and remained north of the Sudan (which knew Bekkouche later) belonging to the ruling pharaoh of five centuries left, during which many of the effects such as a temple of the god Amon

In the year 1070 BC, The Pharaoh Deputy from the area of ​​Kush territory's the independence of the territory from the management of Pharaonic and took the Nabta (which is located a long side the current city Khartoum , 400 kilometers north of Khartoum ) as its capital, and the kings of Kush keep the traditional of Pharaonic by burying their kings in the tombs of the ownership of luxury in the form of pyramids, as like the form of the Egyptian pyramids in an area such Nuri

In the sixth century BC and after the Persian invasion of Egypt collapsed, trade between them and the city Nabta, particularly the gold trade, and the Nabta lost its vital role and lost more in the interest of the city at that time, which is the city of Meroe, which in turn became the new capital of the Kingdom of Kush . 

In Meroe, located on the east bank of the Nile River became the architectural style of the Pyramids of Kush which is more distinguished of his Pharaonic . They are shorter in length and with a narrower base so that the proportion of height of the pyramid to its base area is larger than those found in Egyptian pyramids

The archaeologists Divide area of Meroe to three main graves areas: north and south and west All of them include 34 king and 11 queen and hundreds of other members of royalty and footnote buried in fifty pyramid in this area were built during a period of more than a thousand of years from 720 BC to the year 350 AD.


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Anonymous said...

قمة الروعه والجمال وسحر الاثار الى متى سوف تبقى هذه الاثار شامخه تحكي قصص اكلها الدهر ولكن باقيه باقيه شأنا ام ابينا

ja said...

very nice

Anonymous said...

على فكره حلوه جدا بس انا مش مستغرب لانها قريبه قوى من الاثار المصريه بتاعتنا وده بيدل ان السودان دايما جزء من مصر الله يسامحهم بقى على الى عملوه

Anonymous said...

واحنا عملنا إيه يا خول

Anonymous said...

قسمتم السودان يامتناك

Anonymous said...

عيب يا عرب هذه اللهجة بينكم . المفروض نفتخر جميعا بتاريخنا مهما اختلفت جنسياتنا وحكامنا.

الجبريني al-jabreni said...

السودان بلد عظيمه لكن لم يحكمها حكيم لتفجر طاقاتها

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