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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The World’s Longest Wedding Dress In 2012 by Emma Dumitrescu

This is one of the most amazing events in 2012, The longest wedding dress designed by the famous romanian model Emma Dumitrescu 17 year old. below are some of  the coolest  photos captured for this event.
This dress is  2,750 meter long so it has  gotten the  the largest wedding dress length in the entire world and broke the world record in guiness .

It needs a very long time and effort to do such like this wedding dress. It took 4700 meters of material and 1,857 needles and 100 days in its stitching

Ten craftsmen were working on this glorious design and the raw material was imported from various other countries.  The lace was bought from France while Taffeta and other fabrics were bought from Italy costing several thousand pounds. It took 15,420 feet of taffeta, 18.04 feet of Chantilly lace, 147.64 feet of lining, 1857 sewing needles and 150 spool threads to create this masterpiece.

and here is a words that let me impressive :
If a real bride was to walk the aisle wearing this dress, she would need a venue the size of four football fields and an entire NFL team of bridesmaids to hold the train! 


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