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Sunday, April 22, 2012

What Is The Glowing Blue Waves

The shores of the Sea  gaining  magic  that makes it one of the most beautiful that can be seen on the planet, and increase this beauty shines while charming beach blue glowing:

No, it is a true picture of a beach in the Maldives, once the evening gleaming sands of the beach is amazing with blue stars to compete withZia!
The reason is the microscopic plants called plankton Vaitoblancton spread off the beach and the sand, and scientists believe it is strange glow in this way to frightenits enemies, if you're a predator, whoever I do not think I will eat a creature shines!

Another theory says that Alvaitoblancton use these self-lighting to attract otherpredators to protect the area its presence.

This phenomenon does not occur only in the Maldives, but also occur in theAfaragledz which is located in South Florida, USA, as evidenced by this photo:

This is another of California:



Anonymous said...

كم انت راقيه ورائعه بدات اشعر عن طريق اختياراتك الخلابه باني انسان

Adel Abdo said...

سبحان اللة

nora said...

صور جميله غاية في الجمال .. امكنة ساحره خلابه فعلا .. اختيارك راق كرقي روحك وسام سمو نفسك .. امنيات بيضاء ارجوها لك دائما

Anonymous said...

very nice picture thanks

Anonymous said...


Murad Zakhary said...

Many Thanks FOR Sharing these Wonderful pictures !!!

wisi do said...

سبحان الله هو خالق الجمال ومبدعه شكرا اختى على اختيارك

ja said...

its very nice

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