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Monday, April 30, 2012

Incredible Photos of Pillar Mountains in Zhangjiajie, China

Avatar movie raised a sensation because of the beauty and realistic scenes designed by graphic artists for the planet Pandora, which took place upon the events of the film, but for those who stunned by planet Pandora, here I present to you this place that is no less surprising

The place is in the planet Earth! And the country is China, specifically the Zhangjiajie National Park north of Hunan Province in central China. What you see in this image is part of 243 towering rocky Pillar in Zhangjiajie National Park of China, and rise each and every one of these Pillars for more than 1,000 meters!

The thing that lends more mystery and excitement in the form of these rocks is that the peaks are covered with dense of primitive forests which make us feel as if history had stopped at this region millions of years ago! Add on that these peaks consist originally of stone, quartz sand stone.

Zhangjiajie park next to this amazing rock includes over 23 rare species of animals and more than 3,000 species of plants, so in 1993 it was the included on the UNESCO list of World Heritage, and in 2004 ranked as one of the Global Geoparks.

Zhangjiajie Park extends on an area of ​​4,810 hectares, and there are more than 100 tourist attraction needs each and every one of them to a separate thread! However, since the place here will not accommodate to all of this amazing world, I leave you now with another set of images of a world not such as ours !:

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nagy elsonbaty said...

ابداع حقيقى ولكن الانتقاء فيه ابداع ايضا

violet said...

سبحان الخالق ,صور روعة

Anonymous said...

هل حقا يوجد مثل هذه المناضر على الارض شيء جميل في غاية القمةوالابداع ولكن كيف ومتى تكونت مثل هذه التضاريس والاشكال الغريبه العجيبه بجوها ونضارتها اعجاز بكل صوره ومنضر عجائب الصين ليست بغريبه

Anonymous said...


nasser said...

مناظر بديعة جدا ليتنا نراها فى مصر

nasser said...

مناظر بديعة جدا ليتنا نراها فى مصر

يحيى الجولان said...

سبحان الخلاق العلي العظيم ..اللهم لا تحرمنا جنتك... وأجرنا من نارك

ja said...

its very nice
I like this

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