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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Photos Like What We Are Seeing Our Dreams By The Artist Jessica Jenney

I've post these photos because o one reason. I've sow places in these places in my dreams. Is it happened with you? Our dreams photos is really old like these photos color. These photos was captured by the artist photographer Jessica  Jenny.

This photographer living in Bronxville, NY. She interest in photograping natural world, florals and still lifes with an emphasis on intimate landscapes. Here photos are just the first stage of the creative process. She often apply various filters, textures and treatments in the digital darkroom to transform reality into her  personal vision. 

She draw inspiration from the area where she live. She discover the magic in small places around her; an old bridge, a local pond, familiar places seen with a fresh eye. She always have her camera with her , never missing an opportunity to find something that captures her attention. Here is the official site of her 

Beyond the Gates

Copper Fields



Midland Bridge

Nature's Lace

Splendor Bridge

Spring Arbor

Stone Bridge

Tudor Road

Tudor in Winter


Victorian Spring

hide away


Anonymous said...

كم انت مبدعه بختياراتك للمواضيع والصور اسم على مسما عاشقت الابداع

nagy elsonbaty said...

صور مبدعة

Anonymous said...

الأبداع للمبدعين فقط

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