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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Life Below The Surface By The Artist Andreas Franke

What an amazing illustration to watch our life how it would be below the Sea. It's really an amazing thing. This illustration was manipulated by the artist Andreas Franke. He is one of worlds most respected advertising photographers. He worked on several personal works beside his commercial work . “Life Below The Surface” is his freshest and most sensational.

In one of the articles that I've read about him he said : “In my photography I try to construct illusionistic worlds. I like to see things from a different angle and I try to create new kind of views. Thereby taking images of a sunk ship and bringing life back to the ship by filling these images with stories was always very interesting for me. By diving the Vandenberg I finally found the perfect stage and the last obstacle to realise my idea was removed. My work is always based on a strict concept, which is photographically and technically perfectly implemented. Every little detail is part of a precisely arranged production. There is no space left for fortuity.”


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baazza said...

الله يلعن الفوتشوب
ابداع مين وعاشقه مين يالمهذله

Anonymous said...

لو كنا نعيش تحت الماء لما عاشت الاسماك

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