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Friday, July 22, 2011

Stunning Paintings: Summer 2011, Hot And Water

A lot of artists have painted summer events, the blue water of the sea or ocean, the yellow sand and stones ,the people swimming and playing on beach, the green grass and the flowers, the sun shines. All of these are mentioned in the artists paintings.

Here I'v collected some stunning pictures painted about summer. It's really incredible and stunning pictures which let you feel of the summer worm and the cold water of the sea and the hot sand. Girls also have the most special part of these painted pictures which give them some worm feelings. Let's go ahead and see who these paints affects on our sense and feelings.

Pink Dress - via MARK SHASHA

Ocean Gleam- via MARK SHASHA

Sea of Dreams - via MARK SHASHA

Shadows in the Shallows - via MARK SHASHA

Summer Light - via MARK SHASHA

Summer Serendipity - via MARK SHASHA

Summer Wind - via MARK SHASHA


The Homecoming - WOMEN - via MARK SHASHA

The Seekers - via MARK SHASHA - COAST

Water Babies - OILS via MARK SHASHA

White Caps - via MARK SHASHA

Late Day Launch - via MARK SHASHA

Dunes at Day's End - MARK SHASHA

via Eric Zener

via Eric Zener

via Eric Zener

via Eric Zener


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جميله جداً

شامخ said...

رائع جدااااااااااااا

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