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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Art Photography :Captivating Fire Dancing Photos

Below are some cool or (hot) collection of captivating fire photography shots. Fire dancing is a performance art form which combines equipment on fire into a spectacular dance. Many ethnicities have practiced fire dancing in a variety of forms, and fire dancing performance are growing very popular in the West, where many people are fascinated to the mixture of beauty and danger. When done properly, fire dancing is an impressive thing to gaze at, and is usually performed at night so that spectators can see fine distinctions of the presentation. Let’s view now some of this stunning photography shots of skillful fire dance performers.


Anonymous said...

يا خوي خوفتنا وش هالعمايل
كل هذا بالنار
مش مصدق

Anonymous said...

دائما مبدعه

Manager said...

شكرا يا جماعة

so0oso0o said...


so0oso0o said...

very nice..!!!

kadi said...

صور روعة مشكور

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