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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Seagaia Ocean Dome

When you think you cannot go to the beach during winter, think again. Bring the bathing suit, the towels, and be ready to get the tan under the amazing sun in the Seagain Ocean Dome in Miyazaki, Japan.

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It was considered the world’s largest indoor water park by the Guinness World Book of Records. It has all the right to be a record holder with its long powdery beach stretching 300 meters and as wide as 100 meters.

The Seagaia was closed October of 2007 after being enjoyed by millions of visitors from the world over. The peak figures where during the 1995 run with an average of 1.25 million visitors.

The glass roof of the dome allowed natural sunlight to come in and is retracted when the weather is at its best. It also provided a great view of fluffy cotton candy clouds while the beach lovers rest on the sand.

An artificial volcano was also installed to give the resort a very exotic and tropical look. It spewed flames every hour and signaled that artificial waves are also coming to the amazement of surfers who ride their boards on the artificial breakers.

The Seagaia Ocean Dome was maintained at 30 degrees Celsius making a perfect summer possible any time of the year.


المستغنية said...

صراحة هذه حلم مررررة روعةمشكوووورة

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ناس تعرف تعيش الحياه بسعاده

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روعة التصميم جميلة جدا

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