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Friday, August 22, 2014

Creative Lip Art by Makeup Artist Laura Jenkinson

British Laura Jankson Famed on Anstgram and other social networking sites competent in arts and creations, after the publication of many of her mouth pictures, were she painted on it cartoon characters in an innovative way.

 Jankson works as an expert in makeup and hair style, she used makeup tools in the completion of those unique decorations images, which made​her a star followed by thousands of fans.

Speaking about her methods, the 25-year old artist says, “I find a picture and then just hold it up to the mirror as a guide and draw straight onto my face - it's easier than you think!. Ironically, drawing onto someone else is more difficult - I think it's more straightforward drawing onto my own face.” “I use theatrical make-up normally, but I occasionally use lipstick if I need to get the exact shade of something,” she added. 


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