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Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Lost World: Al-Hijr / Madain Saleh From More than 2,000 Years Ago -1

A lost world: From 2,000-year-old towering tombs carved in rock incredible images of Saudi Arabia.

At the base of a huge rocky outcrop on the plains of Madain Saleh in Saudi Arabia, a man marvels at the sight that towers above him. He is standing at the entrance of a palatial tomb, created more than 2,000 years ago by the Nabataean people. Hewn from the sandstone, the place of rest - at least 50ft high - is decorated with four columns and other intricate designs.
It is just one of a set of incredible photos taken in the region by John Stanmeyer for National Geographic Magazine.


 Fully draped in a black veil, Irish blonde Angela Miskelly stares out in awe as she strolls through Al-Hijr, the ancient Saudi city of tombs carved into rose-coloured sandstone mountains.

"Spectacular... wonderful... breathtaking," she says. "But where are the tourists? If we had a site like this in my country, we would have millions of tourists!"


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Anonymous said...

It looks like Al Petra city in south Jordan.

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