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Monday, March 31, 2014

10 Pictures That Will Make Your Heart Stop

#1 Extreme Skiing

This is the sort of photo that screams "THIS WILL ONLY END BADLY!" 
We hope for his sake that was not the case. In other news, lots of people die while extreme skiing.

#2 Rocking the Trolltunga

This is the most bad ass picture this girl will ever take. Seriously, can you imagine the street cred you'd have after doing something like this? Though it would be a sad event if she was the poor soul who found the crack at the edge...

#3 Camping on the Cliff

These guys are into some extreme sports. Rock climbing is terrifying enough but these guys have decided to camp out for a while. Hope those cables are really as sturdy as the guy at Big 5 said they were!

#4 Kayaking at Victoria Falls

This is one of those moments where you have to ask yourself what someone was thinking. This is something you'd never want someone to do but something you'd never want to stop watching.


#5 Hiking Icicles

One thing we've learned about icicles is that they're not very sturdy. The natural thrill-seeker's reaction to that? Hike 'em and see what happens!


#6 Walking on the Edge

This is the Edgewalk in Toronto. Still think Canadians are lame? C'mon, they're not alllike Drake; some of them actually earn their street cred.

#7 Above the City

This is extreme artist Eskil Rønningsbakken. He's famous for doing terrifying things like this and making it look pretty.

#8 Camping Trip to Yosemite

Thinking of taking a trip to Yosemite sometime soon? Why not do some portaledge camping while you're at it? After all, you'll still have wasted a vacation on Yosemite and in the end, will you really be happy living with that?

#9 Don't Go Climbing Waterfalls

This guy is the ultimate "one up" champion. You see a frozen waterfall and take a picture of it because it's impressive. He sees a frozen waterfall and climbs it because he'simpressive.

#10 Nothing But Gravity

While some people wouldn't even stand near the edge of this bridge, those guys decided to sit on the wall. This girl must have taken it as a challenge because if a strong breeze blows, she's definitely falling off that bridge!

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