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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Saudi Actress Reem Abdullah wearing Saudi Men Clothes

Saudi actress Reem Abdullah wears Saudi men clothes, the white clothes.

The artist Saudi "Reem Abdullah," published  a collection of her images, on her page in Twitter, wearing a men dress, called "dishdasha". and commented on her photos "you are lucky guys, what a comfortably dress is this». The comments came on the images varied between admire their beauty and grace in everything she wear in another hand many of the commenters disagree by this dishdasha wearing an imitation of men.


أبوسامي الشمري said...

أروح فدوة للثوب وﻻبسة الثوب WaW

M A said...

اللي لا بسه الثوب واضح جدا وللاعمى انها مو الممثله ريم عبدالله

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