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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mercedes Has The Fastest Car In The World

The fastest car in the world is owned by Mercedes which has the power of one thousand horse. The modified cars with special modifications, are the rarest cars in the world and are manufactured only for a small group of wealthy people.

Recently presented on the Internet Mercedes S1000 which had been specially made for a rich Emirates. It took the process of manufacturing the car 5 years . The manufacturers of the car said that the car which is about weighing tons and a half tons, was able to reach the speed of 430 km / h, but it did not register these numbers, to keep McLaren F -1 record holder at the time, it was able to reach the speed of 386 km / h. The "Bugatti Veyron" car eventually reach speeds of 430 km / h, to enter thereby Encyclopedia "Guinness" indices.
According to rumors, the rich pay three million and four thousand dollars for the car at that time, but the maximum price offered in the car the day before the end of the auction on the Internet was only $ 130 thousand.

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