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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Examinations Monitoring Techniques In Netherlands

Cheating at examinations has become an increasingly serious problem in Netherlands. What are the consequences of this misbehavior on students' education? What action should be taken to deal with this problem?
Cheating on exams has been a popular phenomenon all over the world regardless of the levels of development. This is also a serious problem in Netherlands. However, have those students ever thought of the effects of their misbehavior? I believe there must have some solutions to this problem.

When one student cheats it affects other students in the classroom. Teachers will take pride when their students grasp a concept, but the long-term affect of one child cheating is that the teachers are more likely to question whether the work of others is honest. The classroom atmosphere becomes tense as the teacher becomes focus more on preventing cheating rather than figuring out the enlightenment of honest students, resulting in suspicion and a negative learning environment.

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A teacher can prevent cheating during exams by simply move about the room with all desk and floor areas clean with students' resources. Make students leave all personal belongings including their electronics and phones in front of the room but announce them before the test so that they can decide what to bring with in the exam. Moreover, schools should refresh the terms of testing. For examples, do not re-use the same exam every year or orders of questions and answers. Besides, teacher should space students if possible in order to prevent them from acting like giraffes. Finally, teachers should interrupt anything that looks suspicious when it is occurring. 
But  Netherlands have used a very impressive technology to monitor the examination and students and to prevent them from cheating during the exams, they used Quadcopter  technology and control them using remote control in each quadcopter there's a camera that capture video and transmit it to the controlers.

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