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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gaza Drowning In Floods After The Heavy 2013 Rain.

Gaza is sinking after heavy rain. This is NOT due to an environmental disaster, but decades of siege & destruction.

Winter storm fells trees, damages buildings and injures dozens of people in densely populated Palestinian enclave.

Severe flooding has forced dozens of families in the Palestinian Gaza Strip to leave their homes as a winter storm battered much of the Eastern Mediterranean. Some poorly built houses collapsed in the icy rain on Thursday, and many residents were seeking refuge in schools.

The Health Ministry said more than 30 residents had been injured in car crashes and collapsed buildings.

One of the most densely populated tracts on Earth, Gaza lacks much basic civil infrastructure and lives under an Egyptian-Israeli blockade with the declared purpose to cut off arms flows, but also curbs imports of fuel, building supplies and basic goods.

"This is the worst weather we've had in 20 years. There's no electricity, fuel and cooking gas. Many homes are flooded and destroyed," shop owner Fayez al-Yazghi told Al Jazeera. "We need urgent intervention from the whole world to save our lives."


The Floods Flooded hundreds of homes on Friday in Gaza. Civil defense  forced to hire a small fishing boats to evacuate families. the Gaza government announced harboring people affected in a number of public schools in Gaza Strip.

This harder and cold weather on Gaza Strip passes under the electricity crisis ,which the Gaza Strip cetizens suffering from, since the beginning of November lead to power outages for more than 18 hours a day due to suspension of the only power plant in Gaza as a result of the entry into force of industrial fuel.


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